Ultralite T-Shirt

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Silver lite is extremly light material with only 140g/m2. Combination of 78% of Polyamid and 22% of Polyester without using elastane is extremly breathable and dries very fast. Material prevents peelingand reduces bacteria.

3D technology
Products are completely manufactured on a 3D knitting machine in a single production process, that is computer-controlled and assures the clothing fits well to the human body, like a "second skin".

Double face technology
Double knitting procedure combines two different fibres to a unique functional garment made of two layers. Inner layer rests directly on the skin and immediately transfers moisture to the outer layer. Outer layer absorbs the moisture and transfers it outwards.

Flat seams

Air and moisture channels
Ventilation channels allow air to circulate on the skin and ensure quick removal of moisture.

Soft hems
Latest knitting technology assures that the t-shirt doesn't cause any kind of irritation to the wearers vulnerable areas.

Quick dry system
Our articles dry quicker than others. This is because we avoid using elastane as elastane accumulates moisture.


78% polyamid
22% polyester

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